Philips Hue smart lighting system will be the dream of every streamer

During the IFA 2022 event, Philips Hue unveiled its latest smart lighting system that will revolutionize the gaming experience.

Philips Hue had an active presence at the 2022 IFA Berlin tech show, which includes software updates for various products, more partnerships, and of course, the introduction of a new product for PC gamers and streamers.
The company introduced the Play Gradient smart lighting system for PC, which has a similar design to the TV version but is designed specifically for PC monitors.

The Philips Hue smart lighting system is available in three different sizes, the first for 24-27-inch monitors, the second for 32-34-inch monitors. But the third one is a longer light strip that is used for three-monitor setups and is suitable for 24-27 inch screens.

Like the TV version, the Play Gradient smart lighting system on the PC is connected to the back of the monitor with the included stands and creates a halo-like effect on the wall when the monitor is placed close to the wall. PlayGridnet offers an immersive gaming and video streaming experience, and when using the Philips Hue Sync app, it blinks, dances, and dims or dims based on display performance.

In addition, Philips Hue announced a collaboration with the Corsair brand, thanks to which users can use the “Corsair iCue” program to set special effects in Philips Hue smart lamps and create the most unique gaming room possible. This system makes the Corsair RGB (case lighting LEDs) compatible with other Philips Hue smart devices.

The Play Gradient smart lighting system will be available in the UK from September 13th, starting at £129.99. It should be noted that a more complete kit of this product is also considered, which will be sold at the same time and at a price of 169.99 pounds.

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