Apple’s drone may be on its way!

According to a new patent application filed by Apple, Apple’s drone may be on the way, and it will be called the iDrone.
The US Patent and Trademark Office has published two new patent applications filed by Apple. The interesting point in the latest patent by this giant of the technology world is that it indicates the possible creation and emergence of the Apple drone by this company. These two new filings at the US Patent Office add to three previous filings for an Apple drone device.

The new patent applications were both related to drones or unmanned aerial vehicles. The first patent application appears to cover the application and method of interaction between the drone and a controller. Therefore, the first patent for connecting or disconnecting a drone from a controller covers devices, systems and methods for connecting a drone to a remote wireless controller.

The second patent application is related to the tracking and control of drones, which has the patent application number 20210349458. The second patent relates to how to control and monitor the drone through a cellular network system. A series of careful checks also revealed that the same tracking/control patent was registered by Apple in Singapore under number 10202002204W. It is unclear whether there are any changes between the Singapore filing and the US filing.

There are no other leaked details that give an insight into the level and extent of Apple’s drone development. However, it is reasonable to expect that more and better information about the product will be released over time if it is indeed being developed. However, there is no guarantee that this Apple drone project will eventually be released as a final product for commercial applications.

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