tv mounting service

Installing TV with the best quality and in the fastest time
Rasool company installs your TV with the best technicians and in the fastest time and guarantees the quality of the work.

tv mounting

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tv mounting service

“Z Technicians” company

It is established in the city of Seattle
and is ready to provide services in the whole city of Seattle.

Quality assurance of TV installation

We understand that the quality of TV installation is the most important thing
Therefore, as a company with such years of experience, we guarantee that our technicians will install your TV with the best quality.


Responsibility in installing TV

when installing, disassembling and re-installing the TV; Accountability is so important that all our technicians do the job to the best of their ability, taking full responsibility into account.

Reinstall the TV

In addition to the installation of the television, our company’s services also provide re-installation of the television.