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Choosing the best distance and height to install the TV

TV height

In installing a TV, the height of the TV from the ground is very important.
Because this height should be adjusted so that you don’t have a problem looking at the TV when you are sitting on the sofa or standing. Therefore, choosing the height of the TV is very important
The best upgrade for installing and setting up the TV in any environment is chosen according to the size, exposure and by repeated trial and error. Therefore, in order to choose the most suitable point for installing the TV on the wall, it is better to get familiar with the standard distance and height of the TV installation before doing the steps. Choosing the best height for installing the TV in the living room is easily possible according to the following points:

The first step is to choose a standard bracket according to the specifications of the desired display.

Paying attention to important factors such as weight and TV screen is a priority.

It should be kept in mind that some types of brackets are fixed and others have the ability to move and rotate forward, backward and sideways.

Fixed brackets are not suitable for some environments by creating a relative limitation in the viewing angle.

Using variable brackets with the ability to choose the best TV installation height is smarter than other examples of this part.

Accurate calculations of the best distance and height for TV installation

The exact calculations of the best distance and height for the TV installation guide are as follows:

The formula of “equal level” of viewers’ eyes with the angle of placement of the display is one of the things that should be mentioned in choosing the best TV upgrade.
We use the VD formula to determine the best standard TV installation distance.
In this formula, you only need to divide the size of the TV, for example 42 inches, by the number 0.55.
To determine the most suitable height for installation, multiply the number obtained in the VD formula by 0.22 and add the result to ELH, which means the distance obtained from the sitting position to the location of the TV.
Placing these numbers in the final formula will achieve a completely accurate and appropriate result.

According to the mentioned cases, the standard distance between the TV installation location and the seating area of 55-inch TVs is approximately 2 to 3.5 meters.

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