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Installing the TV on the wall

Wall-mounted TVs are one of the best ideas for small apartments. By installing the TV on the wall, a lot of space is saved, and there is no mention of tangled wires and cables. Installing a TV on the wall is not difficult at all and you can easily do it yourself at home. Read this article to the end to learn how it works.

Necessary tools to install the TV on the wall

TV wall mount and screws for it
drill (electric drill)
metal detector

Choosing and buying a suitable base (bracket).

There are many different types of wall mounts for mounting a TV on the wall in the market. It doesn’t matter what brand and design you buy, you just need to make sure that it can support the weight of your TV. If the stand is only for 55″ TVs, never “even” test it for 65″ or larger panels. The weight of the TV damages the wall and your equipment, and it is prone to falling and breaking.

The next step is to decide whether you want a swivel base or a flat one. If you buy the swivel model, you can rotate the panel in any direction you like for a better view. The difference with smooth and fixed models is that they are more expensive; But they are definitely worth buying.

To know what is the right bracket for your TV, you should refer to the back of the TV. In the central part of the back of the device, there are 4 holes that when you hypothetically connect them together, they form a square. Measure the distance between the holes and buy a bracket of the same size as it is in millimeters. For example, if the hole spacing is 400mm, buy a VESA400 bracket.

Determining the installation location

After buying the stand, you need to determine where to install the TV. First, you should pay attention to the position of the switch and sockets. Then consider your perspective. The TV should be installed at a height where you can easily see the image in full clarity when you are sitting on the sofa or couch. If the TV is installed too high, you may get neck pain.

To hide wires and cables, you can install the TV above the fireplace; But we recommend that you do not do it yourself for this purpose and get help from an installation specialist. Of course, the drawback of installing the TV above the fireplace is that you may get neck pain.

To watch TV from the sofa, it is better to install it at a height of 105 meters from the floor.

Finding a load-bearing wall

Every building has separating walls and bearing walls. The load-bearing wall carries the weight of the structure, so it is more resistant. To find this wall in which the vertical beams of the building are included, it is better to use special devices.

Of course, with this information, you may be able to recognize the load-bearing wall:

The force transmission system in the structure is such that the force is transmitted through the beams to the column (bearing wall) and then from the column to the foundation and finally from the foundation to the soil; Therefore, if the heads of the main beams are placed on the wall, it is most likely a bearing wall.

Tap the wall gently. If it sounds full and firm, it means that it is a column. If it sounds hollow, it means that it is not suitable for installing the TV.

Also, with the help of a metal detector, make sure that there are no electrical wires inside the wall.

Installing the TV on the wall

Hold the base on the part of the wall you want to install.

Mark the screw holes on the wall with a pencil.

Drill the marked places with a drill.

Place the base in place, screw the base screws into the wall but do not tighten.

Place the leveler on the base. If it’s not flat, move it around until it’s perfectly flat. If necessary, make another hole in the wall. After making sure the base is level, fully tighten the screws and dowels. Make sure the base is solid.

Connecting the base brackets to the TV

Attach the brackets to your TV from the TV stand manual and make sure these metal levers hold the TV properly.

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