LG TV repair

LG TV repair training

Over the past few years, LG has had an upward trend in the quantity and quality of its products and has turned from a limited company producing audio and video equipment to a large producer of all home appliances, and obviously, parallel to this growth in the sector The production, service and repair department of LG TV will also find new conditions.

LG TV repair

The most common defects of LG TV

LG TV turning on and off consecutively :

(it has the ability to repair the TV at home)

In this mode, the TV is turned on and after displaying the LG logo, it turns off again, which is called rebooting in the term of TV repair. In this case, the mainboard of the device is usually defective, and the solution to repair the TV includes changing the software to completely replacing the board. This problem can be seen in many LED TV models such as LB and LED series.

The picture of the LG TV is interrupted while there is sound:

(it is possible to repair the TV at home)

This problem mostly happens in LN series and especially the non-warranty and so-called Baneh models, and the problem is in the backlight part of the TV and is a factory weakness that with the repair of the backlight of the TV and the corrections that will be made on your device, the probability of failure is very high. it is decreasing.

The TV does not have a picture in HDMI mode:

(it is possible to repair the TV at home)

In this problem, we first recommend to reset the device software and make sure the connections of the device, and if the problem is not solved, get help from the LG TV after-sales service and repair department.

Sudden shutdown of LG TV:

(it has the ability to repair the TV at home)

LG TVs turning off can be due to various reasons, which are different in different models. For example, the sudden shutdown of LG lw series LED TVs is related to their main board, which can be repaired. The sudden shutdown of the LG LED TV is in most cases related to the power board, which can also be repaired.

The sudden shutdown of the LG 42led5600 model is related to the main board. LED TVs usually suffer from image failure that happens after turning on the TV.

How to repair LG LED TV adapter:

LED TV power supply repair is easier than CRT TV power supply repair. Because it is smaller compared to it and usually has a 12 volt output with a current of 2 to 4 amps. Some models have 18 or 24 volt output. Today, power supply and motherboard circuits are designed on a single board, like new LG LED TVs, while in older models they were designed in separate modules. Repairing the TV power supply adapter is very simple, because it is easy to ensure that it is damaged by replacing it with a healthy model. An external power supply device can also be used to test the TV (through the input jack).

If you don’t have access to the power supply, you can fix it through troubleshooting (no voltage, low voltage, and voltage fluctuation). This test can be done by using a 24V car lamp to which the output of the adapter is connected. If the lamp is bright, the power supply is healthy, and if it is flashing or dim, the power supply is bad.

The TV turns off by itself:

This defect is mostly due to power fluctuations and in most cases the power board is damaged. Because new TVs work with very low voltage, there is a possibility of failure in the main board, which should be investigated. TV repair is done at home. LED LG TVs also cause the failure of the input devices that are connected to them, causing the TV main board to fail, which in most cases causes the TV CPU to burn, and in these cases, the main board must be replaced to repair the TV. to be

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